25 May 2016

A Change for the Better

How is it that something can smell so good; where the anticipation of what you are about to devour has you salivating at the gills and yet what invariably follows is regret and disgust.

Case in point - hot dogs.  I work in a school.  Occasionally I pop out at lunchtime, passing the school canteen, my olfactory senses assaulted by baking pastry, hot sauce and hot dogs.  All good intentions of getting by on a salad for lunch, forgotten in that moment.  I'll have that treat - just this once. So I buy that mystery parcel with the misnomer of hot dog and what?  What was the attraction? What was I thinking?  Correct. It tastes no better than the last time this happened.

Next case in point - coffee. Recently, ahem with advancing age, my tastes have changed for the "different".  I still love the smell of coffee but drink it? Heck no!! I'd rather eat dirt - in fact - I am sure that is what is lying at the bottom of my mug; ground up soil.  However, sitting around the cafe table with girlfriends, caught up in the whirlwind of tuneful cries like "skinny latte", "flat white", "double shot moccachino", "twists of lemon", the list of varieties is seemingly endless - I order away.

Then it arrives. Mocking me. I lift the cup. I sip. I wince . . . . . and ask myself the same question, "What was I thinking?".

So for me, this card should read - a morning without coffee . . . .  is like a change for the better, because, let's face it - coffee is really not good for me.