07 April 2016

Here I Am - At Annie's Place

It's been a while, so here are a few quick photos of a card, just to help me with getting back my mojo.

Well that was fun.  All that was required to insert that photo was to click and drag . . .  obviously there has been the odd change in my absence.

I've had my internal workings updated too.  My truly old, faithful Dell was decrepit, unreliable and sluggish; despite all the defragging, overhauling and CPR performed on his hard drive he had to be retired. I miss him dearly. 

Papier and Cakes now runs on a fast-paced, modernised new computer complete with the latest software system.  Zip, zip, zip!!  Not all change is for the better.  This new, impertinent Asus with its firmly attached barnacle known as Windows 10 is taking some getting used to.  We are not friends, but have come to some sort of mutual understanding - we have to work together and so are putting up with each others' shortcomings.

In time I will forget. . .  I usually do!

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