04 October 2014

Cutting by Fuss Pots

Cardmaking and scrapbooking are loaded with terminology.  A profusion of quaint little phrases and expressions that are usually self-explanatory, but nevertheless hard to keep track of in their proliferation.

Last year I came across the term, fussy-cut, for the first time and instantly knew what was meant by it.  Basically it means to carefully cut out an image that has been printed on papier or fabric.

In this age of growing Die Cuts that accompany Stamp Sets, it may become a dying "art form".

On closer inspection you can see that I initially stamped the butterflies along the right edge of the card, then cut around about half of each individual butterfly, following a vague vertical line.  Once complete I then mounted three purple ones back on top. Ironically, these had been punched out, not "fussy cut".

The idea for this technique has been around for many years.  But I was recently inspired to recreate it after a card I saw on Pinterest (a girl's best friend). Interestingly, this pin has gone somewhat viral, in my mind, in a Pinteresting sort of way; as of today, 262 Pins and 17 Likes.  Click here to see the original design that influenced the designs above.