18 August 2014

Addicted to Tea Caddies

Making these cute little boxes is just so addictive.  So much so, that I ran a little workshop whilst on a recent Getaway with some close friends.

They are a perfect fit for the Twinings brand of tea bags, or as they refer to them, tea envelopes.

This is a small gift set put together for Kaye who celebrated her birthday earlier this year. Snugly rolled up in the pink, floral wrapping paper was a packet of Spanish Chocolate disks, destined for making steaming mugs of hot chocolate.

Adorning the lid of the caddy was a rosette centred with a large, pink button.

The inside of the box was lined with matching papier.

Panels surrounding the box were decorated with suitably stamped images of tea paraphernalia.

The idea and pattern for this caddy came from Heidi over at RunningwScissorsStamper.  Click here for a link to Heidi's blog and see for yourself her beautiful creation.

A photographic exhibition of the caddies made with my impromptu craft group will be shown in a future blog post.

Below are photographs of another caddy I made for my sister.

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