25 May 2014

Poorly Photographed

It pays to take care with the photography of your work.  After all, you spend so much time creating beautiful pieces of craft, you should just spend a few more minutes setting up the right photograph in the right setting or location.

But alas it's midnight the night before you're due to give the card and gift. Exhausted, you quickly snap the final result in less than ideal, darkened conditions and crawl into bed; ready to hand it over the very next day.  Result: happy recipient.  By product: lousy record to blog.

I doubt I'm going to change my ways at this point in my life.  I've always been something of a "last-minute-Lucy".

Above is a makeshift stamp that was created so I could stamp a Lego-look onto the envelope housing the card.  The dots are those foam ones; leftovers that had been removed from a foamie alphabet from letters like b, d, o and p.

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