18 May 2014

Christmas Catchup

Scouting through my photo files recently I came across a plethora of untouched photos, all awaiting editting, tweaking and including into posts.  Sigh . . . . . what a busy end to 2013 it was.

Here is a shot of a small gift to my KK recipient.  A Christmas bauble filled with epsom salts, glitter and Christmas paraphernalia.  The challenge is to find items small enough to fit through the teeny tiny opening of the bauble.

This gave me an idea - Place Cards for the Christmas table.  I mean what else do I have to do at the end of the year?

Last Christmas we were fortunate (read "unsuspecting gullible victims") to host both ends of the yule festivities.  Christmas Eve and Christmas Day - yey!  I can laugh now that it is a distant memory; but when you work full time, hosting two major family events within a 24 hour period is just plain crazy.

Luckily I have the talents of Sally Cakes to fall back on.  She always kindly steps up to assist her zealous mama with the final preparations of whatever over-ambitious task I have elected to take on.

Sally sat down and industriously filled the 11 glass baubles that were needed for our evening visitors; these served the dual purpose of being decorative and useful.

Each person's name was placed inside the bauble - lettered beads threaded onto soft wire.

Please ignore all my ramblings that may suggest I am something of a Christmas Grinch. Quite the opposite. I love Christmas and all the memories that come with it.  There is nothing better than sitting down on the day and looking around, knowing that everyone in the room wants to be there and is someone that you care about.

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