27 April 2014

Reach for the Bleach

Household items are often used in card making, enlisting unusual techniques to create a different overall result.  Over the years I have learnt that:
  • baby wipes used in conjunction with a stamp pad can create a "rag roll" effect on a background;
  • jelly crystals mixed with embossing powder can be used to make scratch 'n' sniff cards; and
  • empty match boxes can be decorated to create mini drawers on cards.
Recently I discovered that bleach is not only there in the laundry cupboard for getting out stubborn stains, it can also be used to remove colour from card.

another technique used in making this card,
aside from the bleaching,
was the removal of some of the embossing patterns

Actually, the use of bleach was not an entirely foreign concept to me, however I have not used it in a stamping-ink sense before. After the above image was stamped onto the card and embossed in gold, bleach was streaked across the middle of the flower's petals to remove some of the burgundy colour. The bleach was applied by first decanting some into a Stampin' Up Aqua Painter.

If you are going to try this technique, only put in a small amount for your immediate use and then rinse out the "painter" as soon as you have finished the painting as bleach does have slightly corrosive effects.

Here bleach was poured over a papier towel to create an actual ink pad. Stamps were then applied to this new ink pad and stamped over the card, removing some of the colour.

Aside from creating a new colour and effect on the card, this is a fantastic way of cleaning slightly grubby stamps.  Remember though to rinse really well after using the bleach.

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