30 April 2014

Melissa Mouse

Meet the newest addition to the Cakes family, Melissa Mouse.

Actually, truth be told, Melissa is not quite so new to us.  She is coming up for her first birthday in less than a week's time and has settled in quite nicely to her new family and our new abode.  Time has eluded me for the past few months, well more like Blogging Time.  I seem to have achieved lots of things but have not made the time to record and write them up.  Resolution time!!

Back to Melissa.  Here she is, in pieces, as knitted for me by my inexhaustible and resourceful sister, Fia.

Basically I can't (be bothered to) knit and my sewing is not much to write home about either. However, I managed to piece together the adorable Melissa in time for Sally Cakes' birthday last year. The wool colours were chosen to match her bed linen.

Pretty good match - wouldn't you say?

Melissa has adapted to our daily routines.  Here she is helping Sally Cakes with her studies. . . . .

. . . . . and here is Melissa again just "hanging out".

Sshh :: Please don't mention the nose (she's very sensitive about it).

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