06 January 2014

Retire to the Quieter Life

This could be just ignorance on my part, but I believe that very little has changed in the overall design of hot air balloons since their creation by the Montpelier brothers back in the late 1800's.  Their elegant poise and shape is so appealing to the eye; the effortless way they float and silently skim across the tops of building and trees makes me want to stop and watch - usually as I am hurrying to work, unfortunately.

The manner of their movement and pace puts me in the mind of what I imagine retirement to be, although for me, many years away.  Drifting slowly to their goal, not aimlessly, but with quiet determination.  It was only fitting therefore that this card was made for a person, dear to my children, but one whom I had never met; their school bus driver.  He saved his retirement announcement for the very last day, so we had to track him down through his workplace.

Thankyou John for taking such good care of my children.

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