22 October 2013

Paper Quilt Creation

Back in June of this year I created, along with the help of some generous friends, a Box of Sunshine to give to a friend and colleague who was much in need of hugs and happiness.  Whilst we all can do with an ongoing supply of these, I am happy to report that her life has had a dramatic turn around for the better.

Accompanying the Box of Sunshine was a card that I created especially for her using the techniques taught to me by Michaela Laurie and her husband of Paper Quilt Creations at a craft show earlier this year.  Given that our friend is an avid quilter and patchworker, it was only natural that a card in this style was made for her.

Following on from this point I have given a recount of the steps taken to produce the end result.  As in previous posts of this nature, feel free to turn away; this is as much for my record keeping purposes as anything else.

Print off a sheet of grid lines, 3/4" square.  This must be done on a piece of papier/card that has a weight of 180-200gsm.

Using Word, draw and cut out a heart shape.

Transfer this cut-out onto the grid sheet, centering it across the squares/diamonds.  At this stage, choose whether the grid lines are going to be diagonally represented inside the shape or perpendicular.  Some designs lend themselves to a particular direction.

Count out how many squares are going to be used in the final design.

I found it helpful to actually write them down on the template, so that none were left out.  Even squares that only have a smidgen of the design inside them, must be counted.  Overall this design will use 28 squares.

Punch out your squares.  In this instance they all had common "yellow" theme about them, to match the Box of Sunshine.  It's a good idea to punch out more than you actually need, so that you can play around with the final design and placement.

Once you're happy with the final design, glue down each piece individually.

The squares are held down using a zig zag stitch on the sewing machine, setting both the length and width of the stitch to "2".  Each machine varies in the tension required.  I still need to tweak mine, but for starters, 2 and 2.5 are needed here.  The stitching must commence for each row and column a couple of stitches outside the glued down squares, continuing to the end and past for another couple of stitches.

Once all the rows and columns have been stitched down, retrace the shape on top of the squares and cut it out.  You can just faintly see the outline of the heart in the above photograph.

This is the finished shape all cut out.

Place a couple of pieces of doubled-sided tape onto the back of the shape and glue it down onto a piece of backing card; I used white.

Stitch around the shape, using the same settings as before.

Cut out the final heart shape leaving a small border.  I then inked around the edges and glued it down onto another piece of yellow-patterned card before finally placing it onto the folded white card you see in the photograph above.  It too, was inked around the edges.

Project completed.

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