21 August 2013

Nicholas Nephew

Perfectionism definitely has its drawbacks.

I am something of a "joke" in my extended-family when it comes to giving presents.  They have been known to come in a bit late (just a tad).  My record, she says all puffed up like a proud peacock, is over two years late!  But that can't be!  What about the birthdays in between?  Yes, they rolled past with much celebrating and gift-giving, but the present ungiven was still being constructed.  You know who you are, unfortunate recipient.
Shoddy replica of the original.
Camera was still travelling home from Milan.
Sometimes, I want things to be so perfect before I go ahead, that the project gets put on a backburner that is not even in my house and subsequently gets forgotten about altogether.
Nicholas turned 18 last October.  At least I can pat myself on the back that his present was given to him before his 19th has arrived.  Small consolation really.  As turning 18 is something of a rite of passage here in Australia, we gave him a showbag of paraphernalia that represents this austere age:
  • a toy car (because he is old enough to drive now);
  • a few "scratchies" because he can gamble (and apparently we're not responsible for his moral fibre);
  • some alcohol (legal age for drinking down under);
  • shaving cream (when you turn 18, hair automatically begins sprouting on your face);
  • a pencil (to mark off the voting form); and
  • some chocolate (at 18 you can eat as much as you like, without regard for set mealtimes - so I'm told).
Happy Belated Birthday Nick.

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