30 July 2013

We Give Thanks

It's a funny custom we have to save our "thanks" when a relationship draws to an end.  Better late than never I suppose.

Tom Papier has just finished another enjoyable and successful season of school hockey.  The coaching staff are incredibly patient and supportive making for a very cohesive team, one that is a pleasure to watch - or so I'm told - enter the absentee parent (moi).  There are some tasks I feel that Mr Cakes is more proficient at doing.  Namely getting up on freezing cold mornings and ferrying said son to games that can take place far across town.  My duties extend to orange cutting and the delicate task of purchasing legal performance enhancing drugs, aka Snakes.
Luckily my apathetic approach does not extend to the team's coaching staff.  So . . . . for all the sideline advice, whistle blowing, missed opportunities left uncommented on, unconditional faith, cheering and general good-naturedness . . . . I thankyou!!

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