13 June 2013

Post It Notations

Declaration.  I am old enough to remember life before i-thingees, emailing, faxes and even photocopiers but not televisions and telephones.  You get it, I'm from Generation X, the unknown generation.  So many indispensible gadgets and gizmos are available these days that I can't possibly imagine going without most of them.  Today's focus is the banal Post-It Note.  Seemingly fairly innocuous, but invaluable to the "office girl" living inside of me.
Two large Post-It Notes were placed on either side of this coloured strip.  The space between them was inked in with sponges; flowers and foilage were then stamped over the top.
Two butterflies were punched out, glued to each other and then stuck onto the card.  A whimsical bit of pearlish bling was added.

A tag was finally created.  The layer hiding (unsuccessfully) beneath has been pierced with a pointed papier piercing tool.
Altogether a satisfyingly simple card to make with very eye-pleasing results.

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