18 June 2013

Box of Sunshine

Pinterest is positively overflowing with generous people who are willing to share their clever ideas.  If you follow the yellow brick trail here, it will take you to the originator of this p-inspiring notion.
A group of us created this Box of Sunshine for a colleague who is going through a really tough time at the moment.  True to her nature she is being really positive and is focussing on getting well.  It's all about attitude.
This is as much fun to make as it is to give.  You should have a go sometime if the opportunity presents itself; I have also prepared one of these in red as a birthday present.  Trying to find as many items in a particular colour, yellow or red or whatever colour is your theme, is like a treasure hunt for grown-ups.  It brings out the child in you.
Accompanying this gift were some craft magazines, dvd's and a novel.  As they weren't in yellow, we wrapped them in striped yellow and white papier - the magazines were rolled and wrapped in yellow tissue papier, making them look like giant bon bons.
Later (after all the photographs were taken) we added a yellow feather boa, a pot of yellow flowers and a yellow neck pillow.  Hope she's comfortable.

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