15 May 2013

A Charming Stay

Life cannot get any better than when you're enjoying a soothing cup of tea and a really good, deep laugh with a close group of friends.
Except when you're enjoying many such cups of tea.

Thank you for afternoon tea, Kym.


11 May 2013

For My Dad

'Tis the eve of Mothers' Day here in Australia; however in defiance of that auspicious date I have decided to create a post on a card that I made for my spirited dad back in March.  He is now the spritely age of 83.  Hard to imagine.

The more astute and regular followers of my blog will have gathered by now that I love a good novelty card.  The idea that "mere" (an adjective I do not use lightly when it comes to my favourite medium) papier can made to act in the way of sturdier, metal, mechanical devices will always amaze me.   And like the proverbial red rag to a bull (who are by the way colour-blind) these projects set for me a task that must be chased down.

Once I had mastered the technique of the waterfall card, I sat down and made a set of identical base cards.  Which is probably why the above card looks so familiar.  Its siblings have made previous appearances.

04 May 2013

Happy Birthday Mouse

As a person who has a healthy fear and respect for Australian wildlife, some would find it a little bit ironic that I call the apple of my eye, Sally Cakes, Mouse.
It has been her nickname for as long as I can remember and yesterday she turned 19 years of age.
Happy Birthday Mouse.