06 April 2013

Wise reMoval

This delightful package was fun to make.  Sally Cakes recently visited a "friend in need of a smile" after she had recently gone through what seems to be re-trending as the passage into adulthood: the removal of the much-maligned wisdom teeth.
Using a monster-themed papier as the starting point, I fashioned a bemused ghoul from an up-side-down owl (punched out using this extremely versatile punch).
here is the ghoul in closeup
the mouth was drawn using a white gel pen
and the edges inked using white ink

I also took a cheeky bite out of the card, by punching a series of circles into the bottom right hand corner of the papier.
The matching gift bag was cut out using the Bosskut Gazelle, the pattern for which was freely given by the very generous Alisa over at Designs Made By Me as part of our Yahoo membership group.

The final treat lay nestled inside the bag.  Three of the most heavenly brownies a person could ever devour - even if I do say so myself.  A slight crispiness to their outside and an oh-so-smooth and fudgy inside texture.  Follow the link, here, to this divine Brownie recipe.

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