20 April 2013

Simply Red

Accompanying one of the cards in my previous post, was a box brimming with red surprises.
In my excitement to complete the project, I forgot to photograph the final result, that showed everything neatly crowded into a black box covered in large, red spots.  It did look stunning.  The idea came from here on Karrie's blog called Happy Money Saver where her premise is to fill a box with treats, all of the same colour.  Genius.
Two star items were initially selected for my friend who is something of a gourmet.
Behold the deep, red, ambrosial syrup that is Black Elderberry Cordial.  This is made in Tasmania using the pristine water from the Derwent River and is totally organic.
The second star belongs to this black cherry preserve imported from France.  If you believe some of the reviews, this can be considered as a healthy substitute for chocolate.  Hmm, that may be a little bit excessive.
Here are some other shots taken of the ingredients in the Simply Red box.
I found some incense packaged in red.
So not all items were edible.
Pez . . .
If for no other reason, matches my blog theme!

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