09 March 2013

Launching Butterflies

We (my friend Kym and I) attended a Stampin' Up launch late last year.  The problem is, it was so long ago that I have forgotten most of what we did and learnt in that evening.
What I do remember are the wonderful pizzas made by Brian, pizza cuisinier.  Which says a lot about me and my memories; they pretty much always stem from the stomach.
The green flower was made from a length of patterned papier that I fringed and then glued to a narrower length of brown papier; the two of them were then rolled around a Quilling tool.  I cannot, for the life of me, remember how I constructed the other two flowers.  Although I have memories of drawing a freehand spiral, which perhaps I then cut out using patterned scissors?
There's no mistaking this butterfly stamp and punch (Stampin' Up's Papillon Potpourri).  They are a perfect match and have been added to my rapidly growing lepidoptera collection.

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