12 March 2013

Homemade Lemonade

You could almost say that it has almost cooled down outside. Almost.
For the uninitiated of you, I live in Melbourne a region of Australia which is meant to enjoy a temperate climate.  We used to have a saying that if you didn't like the weather in Melbourne, just wait 4 minutes.  It could always be relied upon to be unreliable.  To change at a whim.  And so we had acclimatised to this mercurial climate.
Presently we are coming to the end of a "hot spell".  We have been suffering in temperatures of 32c and above and this has been going on for nine days straight, no breaks, no changes, just heat.  I'm writing this at 9.00 in the evening and it is still 33c outside after reaching 36c today.  I could handle the heat as long as there was a break, phew!
Relief is at hand.  The weather is to start calming down tomorrow and hopefully Autumn can finally awaken and wave her magic wand over the gardens and skies. 
This has helped get me through.  A homebrew of Lemonade or Lemon Cordial.  It makes a delicious concentrate that can be mixed with still water, store bought lemonade or, my favourites, natural mineral water or soda water.


  • Put all ingredients, except the water, into a large bowl or basin and mix together well (therapeutic stage if you do this by hand)
  • Add the boiling water.
  • Mix until everything has dissolved.
  • Strain, using muslin cloth, and bottle.

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