14 February 2013


A perennial item lurks on my to-do list, berating me mercilessly: clean up the Craftroom.  You know what it's like.  A project innocently starts small.  It mysteriously mushrooms and then like wild fire, takes over the entire room, threatening to leach out into the remainder of the house.  The end result?  Post-cyclonic conditions.  In an effort to minimise one of the many disruptions I came across an idea for collecting all those surplus embellishments remaining unused at the end of said project.  Place all the unused items in an attractive jar keeping them for a future purpose; hmmm simple I know, and yet the idea eluded me - until now.

Well to my delight I had barely begun the eclectic collection when my other cyclone, Sally Cakes, burst through the door with her customary exclamation "I need a card".  "When?" was my foolish reply.  Yes, you guessed right: "now".  No time for dithering.  Five minutes later, voila.

By the way the shadowing around the stamped flower was intended.


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