27 February 2013

Amazing Friendships

We made this charming card at our latest Stampin' Up class.

The flowers have been coloured using Pool Party ink and are the latest addition to Stampin' Up's growing collection of vintage embellishments.

Tying the knot shown above is simple genius, thankyou to whomever came up with the idea.  Have a look here at this link to see how to tie this reef knot and get perfection every time.
I've got lots of amazing friends to choose from, but as always, this card is going "straight to the pool room".

25 February 2013

Daylight Fliers

Butterflies are predominantly day-flying insects, they are conspicuous and often have large, bright and beautifully coloured wings.  Exactly.

This is a combined stamp and punch set issued by Stampin' Up last year and is, by far, my favourite purchase from them so far.  Some restraint will be required.

This flower was punched out using two Stampin' Up scalloped circle punches (which by the way are ideal for making Sesame Street characters).  Only one layer of card is punched through, but a technique of stressing and teasing out the card using a bone scorer, forces the card/papier apart and produces two equal flowers, which are slightly textured.  The teasing out also has the effect of crumpling the papier, adding to the overall effect.  Each second scallop around the circle has been snipped in by about 1 cm to help with the 3D effect.

A little bit of sponging, some blinging glitter and a brad finishes the flower.

17 February 2013

Fluttering Waterfalls

There is a certain wonderment and magic when operating a waterfall card for the very first time.

I have made several of these cards now and still I enjoy the process.

Unfortunately there will be no lucky recipient for this particular waterfall card as it was made during one of my Stampin' Up workshops last year and all cards are kept as a reference for future use.  Gluttonous me!

The punch used for the background to the butterfly is quite intriguing.  It's called a Doily Triple Layer punch.  As you will see from the link, this is one punch that produces three similar images by sliding a lever.  The different images can then be layered to produce wonderful effects.

14 February 2013


A perennial item lurks on my to-do list, berating me mercilessly: clean up the Craftroom.  You know what it's like.  A project innocently starts small.  It mysteriously mushrooms and then like wild fire, takes over the entire room, threatening to leach out into the remainder of the house.  The end result?  Post-cyclonic conditions.  In an effort to minimise one of the many disruptions I came across an idea for collecting all those surplus embellishments remaining unused at the end of said project.  Place all the unused items in an attractive jar keeping them for a future purpose; hmmm simple I know, and yet the idea eluded me - until now.

Well to my delight I had barely begun the eclectic collection when my other cyclone, Sally Cakes, burst through the door with her customary exclamation "I need a card".  "When?" was my foolish reply.  Yes, you guessed right: "now".  No time for dithering.  Five minutes later, voila.

By the way the shadowing around the stamped flower was intended.


10 February 2013

Best Wishes . . .

. . . and good luck on your first day as a different kind of teacher.

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains.
The superior teacher demonstrates.
The great teacher inspires.”
- William Arthur Ward

06 February 2013

Baby Love

A simple bunch of socks for a simply elegantly decorated nursery. 

This is the present I made to accompany the baby card in my previous post.  Nine pairs of white socks, in three different sizes all rolled and trussed up with florist wire to form this beautiful bunch of white roses.

03 February 2013

Baby Doilies

A dear friend is soon having her first baby.  Later on today her Mum is hosting for her what looks to be the baby shower to end all baby showers.  If the invitation is any sort of indication (itself a work of art) we will be entertained all afternoon.

This is the card I made to take along on the big day. Now all I have to do is find a present to match.

The gorgeous little doilies were cut out using the Sizzix Big Shot and come from the Die-namics range called Mini Doily Circles. 

Grey is the colour scheme of the baby's room and the colour theme used on the invitation.

The innocuous looking pin wheel, took three attempts to get right, the smaller the trickier. It is simply a square that is then cut on the diagonal, from the corner edges to just over half way in towards the centre of the square, this one started out its life as a 3cm square. The high element of difficulty came from trying to fasten the minute corners into the centre - think I need some fairy fingertips.

When you want a child, you have a lot to hope for.
When you have a child, you have a lot to live for.