27 January 2013

Labna Love

This recipe is so easy and yet the final result so unctuous.  It goes well spread onto toast, as a substitute for mayonnaise and butter, as a topping for baked potatoes and also onto pita bread to start a delectable middle eastern feast.

Here is how simple it is:
  • Take 600ml plain yoghurt.
  • Mix with 1 tsp salt.
  • Drain for 2 days though a doubled sheet of muslin (or clean Chux) lining a sieve which is resting over a large bowl.

After 2 days you'll end up with nearly 1 cup (250ml) of drained liquid.  This can be discarded.

To finish:
  • Roll the drained yoghurt into small balls.
  • Store in a flat container with peeled & bruised garlic cloves, some sprigs of rosemary and 1 tsp of black peppercorns.  You could change the herbs to suit your taste or add some citrus peel.
  • Cover with oil (I used grapeseed oil) and leave overnight to allow all the flavours to infuse. 

This will keep for at least 2 weeks in the fridge.

All in all this recipe will make somewhere between 10 and 15 Labna balls.

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