06 January 2013

Christmas . . .

. . . this year just gone, was the first one ever that I hosted with my own extended family.  Up until two years ago my mum entertained our growing brood until it just became too much work for her and dad.  Then my niece kindly took over for a couple of years to jointly celebrate Christmas and the birth of her third son.

I magnanimously offered the services of our premises the previous Christmas, assuming that there would be an all-out cry of declination.  This is because we live the furtherest away and are fully aware of the nightmare journey on Christmas Day of sitting in jammed up roads, whilst simultaneously watching chocolate mousse Christmas Trees turn into rivers of moulten custard.

Gleefully they all seized the opportunity to travel to the north and share in our hospitality.  Whilst our dastardly plans of reverse psychology exploded into our faces, we happily accepted the challenge (which is what the setup entails) and began planning immediately - well I did anyway.

Well it turned out to be such a success, that we are hosting it again in 2013! It seems that the tyranny of distance was only from our point of view.

Of course, now I have to come up with 30+ different Christmas favours. Luckily I have nearly twelve months to think about what to make and then to act on it.


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  1. What a beautiful Christmas we had! Delicious food, great family times and amazing decor.
    Love A