01 January 2013

A Shower of Shoes

We recently hosted two baby showers at work.  They were lots of fun but they added to the already chaotic end-of-year festivities.

I made these pretty little shoes for one of the showers as party favours.  They were filled with cellophane bags of M&M's, the mum-to-be's favourite sugar hit.  Thirty in all were made, phew!
you may be able to discern from the dark photograph
that I was working well into the night - again
This is what the cut files looked like before assembly . . . don't really look like shoes do they?  The "cogs" going around the outside were bent over and then used to fix the double-sided under sole to the top part of the shoe.

a split pin was used for the "buckle"

Boy and girl (don't want to say male and female) shoes were made as mum wants another surprise when the baby is born.  Sigh . . . those were the days.

Personally I think she's going to have a little pink thing, but I'm one of a few.

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