09 December 2012

Christmas Crackers

On the first day of Christmas, my KK gave to me . . .
This charming Christmas Carol is the theme for my Kris Kringle this year (I have used this theme before but in a slightly different way).  Below are the steps that I followed to make the crackers; obviously, given the nature of the carol, 12 will be secretly distributed over the next three weeks.

Strictly speaking this isn't for my Kris Kringle per se; my KK will remain a mystery to me until big reveal on the final day of school, but we all use the term interchangeably between the giver and the recipient of gifts.

things that you'll need to build your cracker

 Gather your ingredients:
  • Cardboard tubing from a roll of wrapping paper (do NOT use toilet paper inserts, if I have to explain why then I'm sorry, but we can't be friends anymore);
  • Wrapping paper to roll around the tubing;
  • Bon bon snaps (PS: like Duracell Batteries, these last forEVA, mine are over twelve years old);
  • Treats for inside (I have a collection of Morgan and Finch wooden ornaments that will eventually adorn a wooden tree, this tree will become the final gift);
  • Tissue paper to wrap the said treats
  • Jokes/Sentiments to place inside the tubing along with the treats;
  • Ribbon to tie off the ends of the paper;
  • Decorations for final bon bons / crackers.

What to do:
Cut your cardboard tube in 10cm lengths.  These ones also happen to measure 5cm in diameter.
Cut your wrapping paper into rectangles measuring 18x35cm.
the pencil is pointing to where a small dot
of glue has been placed
Place the tubing against the long side of the rectangle and put a small dot of glue on the edge of the edge of the paper and in the middle of its length.
Move the tubing so that it is over the glue and hold in place. Next place your snap underneath the tubing. Do not stick down the snap; the wrapping paper and final ribbon should hold it in place.
Place your treat, which has been wrapped in tissue paper inside the tubing . . . .

. . . together with the sentiment that is accompanying it.

I did these steps one-by-one, very methodically, wrapping each gift as I went along.  As you can see from the above sentiment, these were sequentially important and I wanted to be sure that the right treats and messages went into the right tubes.

Roll the tubing along the wrapping paper (snuggly) until you get to the end; place more glue along this other long edge and seal the cracker closed.
Gather your ribbon and cut it into 30cm lengths.  Two lengths will be needed for each cracker.  The more astute of you readers may notice that the above ribbon is not the same as the one I used in the images at the top of this post.  What can I say?  Despite what I say and seem to appear, I am not the most organised person I know.  I ran out of the sparkly red stuff early on.
Tie a ribbon at the top and the bottom of the cracker, be firm but careful.  If you're too zealous, the paper will tear (speaking from experience).  I didn't get too fussy with bows, in fact I didn't tie the ribbon into bows - it was past midnight after all.

Find your groovy embellishment and . . .

. . . stick him/her/it onto the cracker using double-sided tape.

That's all there is to it!!  Long-winded as usual from the home of Papier and Cakes, but hopefully straight forward enough for you to follow.

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