05 November 2012


A place for everything and everthing in it's place.  Ever heard that before????  It's what I strive to live by, although not always successfully - case in point - the craft room in the run up to Christmas.  Hmmm, oh yes, that would be at this very minute!

However, on any given "good day" I like to think that I can find whatever I need for my next project.  Introducing my drawers for keeping A4 coloured card.

As you can see from the zoomed-in first image, I have added a clipart picture to each card; the name of which denotes to me the essence of the colour.

Food, of course plays a role in a few of the filing cards.
This system has been in operation for over ten years now.  That's got to have some merit?
Lazy photographer =
bad photos
Inside each drawer is an A4-sized zip lock bag into which I place any card that has been cut into.
Do you have any alternative suggestions for my colour images?

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