12 November 2012

Mimi in Paris

Merci to Elise, my daughter's French Tutor.  Fingers, arms, legs and eyes crossed all your hard work and her hard studying will pay off.  My little Sally Cakes is coming to the end of her long high school life, culminating in a gruelling schedule of exams spread over a four week period.

I'm so proud that I had the foresight to ask for
red, white and blue chocolates!!
Occasionally I do have original thoughts.

You will see from this link that I got most of my inspiration from Beth.  Well actually let's face it, once having had a look at it, you'll realise that the term "inspiration" is quite loose.  I basically copied her design.

The stamp set I used is a Penny Black one called Mimi in Paris - hence the title for this post.  I just love the name - Mimi in Paris.
The background writing (which you can juuuust glimpse on the left hand side of this photo) is a GIGANTIC stamp that I recently bought from the beautiful Michelle at Stampin' Up called En Francais.  Just perfect for this card.  Although I can't actually speak French, so it could be saying something quite inappropriate and I would be none the wiser - hee hee.
Bon! et au revoir.

Papier et Gateaux

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