29 November 2012

Braccia Verde

My little sister has green hands.  Not just green thumbs but her entire appendages manus have the ability to coax even the most reluctant of saplings to burgeon into perfect blooms.

When she came for a surprise visit last Spring holidays I was so keen to show her my Daphne plant which I had carefully nurtured along and which was then the proud carrier of two magnificent blooms.  Behold the above photo.  Branches (yes branches, not sprigs) cut from her blatantly fragrant bushes which were "growing out of control" in her garden, comfortably nestled beneath some other larger bushes.

Made my precious two blooms look quite pitiful.  I only wish I had even one of her green digits.  Sigh....


  1. Sister Maleus was bowled by flowers to see that the bunch of Daphne given has made your blog...As your little sister I will nuture your dream of one day having green hands like mine as I too dream of having the inspirational craft mind of yours.