13 October 2012

Papier Storage

We spend so much of our hard-got money on our craft pursuits (ahem); so much so that sometimes we're reluctant to spend any more on keeping our resources tidy.  But we need to keep them in order so that we can easily access them when the time comes.
You can buy these storage cubes from local hardware stores.  Bought as a sort of flat pack they are assembled into cubes and held together with the circular buttons you can see.  Then using cable ties, eight shelves are held in place, providing perfect storage for 30 x 30 cm papiers.
This group of scrapbooking papiers has been organised according to the predominant colour of the papiers.  A ribbon has been fixed to the side so that a particular colour-set can be readily found.

Do you have any clever and frugal storage ideas to share?

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