05 October 2012

Papier Addiction

My obsession with all things papier goes beyond the ridiculous.  There are certain retail outlets that I just cannot walk by or drive past without stopping, foggy face pressed up against the previously pristine window, to see what treasures may be anew.
One such establishment (let's just call them "The Dealers" because in essence that is what they are) has a bargain bin.  Oh yes, we've all been there, the ubiquitous trolley bursting with useless items and scraps that simultaneously scream "rubbish" and "bonanza".  Even now I can see my voracious little face lighting up as I stuff my $5 bag full of card, that I have no specific use for, yet convincing myself that it's too good to leave behind.  Really?  Why not leave it for someone else?

I'm shaking my head in shame even as I write this post.
Onto another subject altogether, how gorgeous is my papier flower at the bottom of the card?  I learnt how to make these at Paperific last month.  Check out this post of mine, from 3 September, to find out a little more on the flowers and how they are constructed.  Oh, and you'll get a much better view of the flower.

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