06 September 2012

White on White

Butterflies have landed on the indoor tree.

Please cast your eyes over the sea trunk at the bottom of the photograph.  It arrived in Australia nearly 60 years ago along with my in-laws on the Johan Van Oldenbarnevelt from a port in Europe. (I was originally going to say from Switzerland - for that is from where they hail - however it is a landlocked country?)

The butterflies originate from a less exotic location.  I bought them at the Craft & Quilt Fair which was held recently at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.  I thought they were an ideal decoration for the tree when it wasn't in celebration mode.

One astonishing find at the Fair that I would love to share with you is the inspiring work of Cheryl Bridgart.  It is one thing to be a talented artist who can represent depth, perspective, shading and colour using paint; but to utilise a sewing machine as your medium is beyond my wonderment.  So I'll just finish off with a splash of colour, if you don't mind . . .

Butterflies are self propelled flowers.
- R L Heinlein

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