03 September 2012

Lots of Zots

What's a Zot?  In a nutshell, it's a Sticky Dot on steroids.  A perfectly formed disc of immeasurable adhesiveness that allows you to fix paper to other products.  The benefit of the Zot over the Sticky Dot (which will never be replaced) is that it can add dimension due to its "thick" nature.
Using my new found method of cutting papier into ribbon and then curling it, this present (of  Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch Whisky) was embellished and presented to my tepidly impressed dad, yesterday, on Fathers' Day.

On Saturday I spent an incredibly enjoyable day in the company of like-minded papier zealots at the Paperific Expo held at the iconic Melbourne Showgrounds.  We took part in a flower making class run by the boundlessly patient Leanne of Passion 4 Paper where we learnt two new techniques.
The one that really caught my attention was that of twirling a spiral cut from a die, into a perfectly formed flower.  It was here that I was introduced to my new friend the Zot.  Welcome to the craftroom buddy, we're going to get along just famously I can tell.

Treat your parents with loving care,
you will only know their value when you see
their empty chair.

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