19 September 2012

Floral Chocolates

Many advantages come with being crafty.  The self-satisfaction of being able to smugly look at a beautiful end-product, knowing that the wonderful result was brought about by your own expert hands.  The knowledge that one-day, when you are finally able to retire from the drudgery that is your everyday working life, you can look forward to endless days of creating and crafting (that's my dream anyway).
These come from the files of:
"I made it myself".
And the handmade gifts that you often receive from friends who know that you will appreciate the work put into them. You are delighted that the giver thought of you when making their carefully selected purchase whilst simultaneously delaying the impulse to pull it apart in their presence just to see how it was made and to work out "could I also make one of these?".

I recently received a bunch of Chocolate Flowers from a friend who thought that I would love them because I would want to work out how they were made.  Ahhh, I'm just so transparent.
Below is a quick "how-to" on making a bunch of floral chocolates.  It's basically all in the first piece of papier, it's measurements and how it is folded.  After that, any imperfections can be obscured by more tufts of tissue papier.
First, impale your selected chocolates onto a bamboo skewer.  These skewers measured 25cm.

Take a 24 x 24cm square of linen-look papier and fold in half, off centre, just like the above picture.
Place chocolate stem on the left hand side of the papier and roll up to about half way along.
Once you are half way along, fold the remainder of the rectangle upwards.  (Don't be tempted to roll it all the way to the other side of the rectangle.) The right hand side of this rectangle actually flips upwards and ends up becoming another point of the flower petal.  Wrap a small amount of sticky tape around the bottom 3cm of the papier holding it into place on the bamboo skewer.

 The chocolate now forms the centre of my flower.

Here is a completed set of twelve flowers.
The bunch viewed from above.
Wrap some coloured cellophane around the base
and secure with a matching ribbon.

Pass on to another delighted recipient.

From what we get, we can make a living;
what we give, however, makes a life.
- Arthur Ashe -

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