19 August 2012

Vanilla Tea

So easy and so delicious.  The flavour is subtle, most people don't even know why the tea tastes so good.

Click on the link here to take you to my recipe for vanilla tea.

gift labels attached to the packets

I try and have "the girls" around for lunch each school holidays.  (I've done it twice, so I guess that I can now say "I always have the girls 'round for lunch").  Anyway, I served this tea and it was a huuuuuge hit.  So I made another batch and bagged it up as a gift for them when we returned to work.  These labels we made in Word and attached to the packets using raffia.

Tea, though ridiculed by those who are
naturally course in their nervouse sensibilities . . .  will always
be the favoured beverage of the intellectual.
- Thomas DeQuincy -

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