26 August 2012

Bubblegum Cards

Scratch 'n' Sniff - there has just got to be a better name for this card technique.  It's wrong.  It just sounds wrong.
We all love a little alliteration or a rhyme for some branding; it's catchy. 
  • Itch 'n-hale - no
  • Scrape 'n' Scent - certainly not
  • Wipe 'n' Whiff?  - definitely not
Think I'll settle for calling them Bubblegum Cards.  That fruity non-descript smell that evokes memories of childhood.  Flavours created in a lab by scientists who substitute the real for the unreal.
Bubblegum and lolly flavours and scents realistically do not truly resemble what they claim to be.  But that's okay.  We've been brain-trained and acclimatised to recognise their false flavours for what they purport to be.  Think lolly bananas - strong case in point.  They don't smell or taste anything like any banana I've ever eaten, but blindfolded, I know when I open a pack of them what I'm going to get - bananas.  It carries through to banana-flavoured syrup, banana Quik, banana essence; you get the idea.
Right, back to what this post is meant to be about.  Bubblegum Cards.  I have found a way to use Low-Cal Jelly Crystals, mixed with Embossing Powder to create a card that smells yummy!  Perfect for the young child in your life.  Have a look at my Card-Guru Dawn, here, she has a YouTube post where she outlines the way to put this idea together.  Ideal for cards that have sweet treats or fruit on them.
Meanwhile here is a quick summary of the steps used to create the overall card.
  • Dry emboss front half of card using Big Shot.
  • Ink around the edges using stamp pad.
  • Create a Yo-yo or Rosette using a Scoring Tool.
  • Stamp image of cupcake onto cardstock and cut out.
  • Emboss whole image in the Bubblgum (Scratch 'n' Sniff) style.
  • Glue on microbeads using Glossy Accents.
  • Attach sentiment to the bottom of the card.

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