11 July 2012

Tom Papier

Tom Papier recently celebrated a small milestone birthday.  Well let's face it, when you're young you eagerly approach each coming birthday with gusto, making the most out of each one them.  You look forward to it; to catching up in age with your classmates, to getting your Learner's Licence and of course, the anticipation of receiving a much longed-for gift.  It's only when you imagine yourself getting old, that you refuse to acknowledge the inevitable part of the ageing process.

I saw this idea here on Word Art Studio.  Taking everyday objects and recreating them into alphabetical letters.  Truly imaginative and unique.

In creating our own personalised version of Word Art, I decided to photograph elements from around the home, and of course ones that are meaningful to Tom Papier himself.  This is a giant flagpole that is in our front garden and is quite a talking point amongst the neighbours.  I have yet to fly the Jolly Roger or Rachel from it.

He just loves his sport, so of course, a ball was mandatory.


And of course, that includes the curious game of cricket.  A sport whose rules completely mystify me; but, given that I don't understand anything about the gladiatorial pursuits of basketball or football, it was inevitable that I similarly be clueless on the subtle tactics and elements associated with this "sport".

My own version of Word Art now hangs proudly on his bedroom wall.  Happy Birthday Buddy.

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