25 July 2012

Owls and Jules

I have a love-hate relationship with work.

It takes me away from my first two loves of crafting and cooking (I can't separate the two).  If you don't understand what I mean by this - don't bother trying, just keep reading.

Work is purely social for me.  I love the people, adults and children alike.  Aaaaand it pays the bills, both necessary ones and crafting ones - enough said.

I work with many people and so have the opportunity to pass on many small birthday treats.  These were for Julie.  Happy Birthday darling, I hope that your day was full of surprises and fun.

The card and the box don't match - not at all.  I made them at different times.  Hmm, actually I have no real excuse for why they look like they should have been given to two separate people.

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