30 July 2012

I {Heart} Mary Engelbreit

Yes, yes, I know I also {heart} cherries - top of my blog - but acquisitiveness being the essence of me, I also choose to {heart} many other things.  Anyhow, if I had to admit what is my heart's desire (aside from being able to sing like a nightingale) it would be to be able to draw like Mary Engelbreit.  Having established that this is not likely, I am content to sit back and enjoy all her offerings.

Yes this is last year's calendar.
This year's is still on the window still in the kitchen.

Each year I buy her daily calendar so that I can be reminded of what life should be like - you know - when you get off track a little, get caught up in the small stuff, the small stuff that's of no consequence.  Everyday I am presented with an exquisitely detailed illustration of children doing what pleases them the most, together with a meaningful quotation that matches the picture to perfection.  Thankyou Mary Engelbreit for sharing.

The initial impetus for this post was to include an illustration that to me embodies what cooking is all about.  Taking your time to prepare a comforting and delicious meal for the ones you love.  I have included the calendar entry below, but must apologise for its poor quality - I am held to ransom by the limitations of my scanner and probably my own ignorance of technology.

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