11 August 2012

Grunge Food

Do you have a favourite grunge food that you daren't admit to knowing about, let alone actually consuming?  Well, I do.  Mine is "plastic" cheese.  Yep, that flattened out, shiny, pre-sliced, over-salted, yellow square they have the audacity to label as cheese!!!  Yes! Yes! Yes!  I'm outing myself.  "My name is Papier and Cakes and I eat Cheese Slices."  Not just any brand you know, I am discerning about my preference.  Can you believe it?  I'm trying to convince you that there are connoisseurs of plastic cheese.  Like there's a difference? Hee hee.

This here is my one and only favourite.

The cup is quite pretty don't you think?  It adds some dignity and respectability to my affliction.

My family keep this embarrassing secret to themselves.  My son, holds his head in shame (I don't know why though - he eats Tim Tams - we call him Tim Tam Tom - we don't really I just thought of that then).  Sally Cakes is mystified and Mr Cakes thinks I'm just a fraud.  Probably.  The thing is, like many who suffer from such addictions, I don't care.

As foodies, the purveyors of all things wholesome and honourable on epicurean pursuits, it is our duty to outlaw such behaviour.  What can I say?  I'm human.  That's it.

What's your grunge food?

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