30 July 2012

I {Heart} Mary Engelbreit

Yes, yes, I know I also {heart} cherries - top of my blog - but acquisitiveness being the essence of me, I also choose to {heart} many other things.  Anyhow, if I had to admit what is my heart's desire (aside from being able to sing like a nightingale) it would be to be able to draw like Mary Engelbreit.  Having established that this is not likely, I am content to sit back and enjoy all her offerings.

Yes this is last year's calendar.
This year's is still on the window still in the kitchen.

Each year I buy her daily calendar so that I can be reminded of what life should be like - you know - when you get off track a little, get caught up in the small stuff, the small stuff that's of no consequence.  Everyday I am presented with an exquisitely detailed illustration of children doing what pleases them the most, together with a meaningful quotation that matches the picture to perfection.  Thankyou Mary Engelbreit for sharing.

The initial impetus for this post was to include an illustration that to me embodies what cooking is all about.  Taking your time to prepare a comforting and delicious meal for the ones you love.  I have included the calendar entry below, but must apologise for its poor quality - I am held to ransom by the limitations of my scanner and probably my own ignorance of technology.

27 July 2012

Coptic Stitch Bookbinding

So I had this old store of A3 construction papier from many many years ago.  It was earmarked for papier heaven, when I came across this notion of creating my own bound book - probably on Pinterest, where I confess I spend too many hours a week surfing. 

When I saw this, I just had to try and make one.  Like most of my Papier projects (and perhaps just a little bit like Sir Edmund Hilary - if I may be so bold as to compare myself to a true pioneer) I made it because "it was there".

This has been bound using the Coptic Stitch style.  Follow this link where you can view the instructions and techniques on an easy-to-follow You Tube video. 

Now to decide what to use it for - any suggestions?


25 July 2012

Owls and Jules

I have a love-hate relationship with work.

It takes me away from my first two loves of crafting and cooking (I can't separate the two).  If you don't understand what I mean by this - don't bother trying, just keep reading.

Work is purely social for me.  I love the people, adults and children alike.  Aaaaand it pays the bills, both necessary ones and crafting ones - enough said.

I work with many people and so have the opportunity to pass on many small birthday treats.  These were for Julie.  Happy Birthday darling, I hope that your day was full of surprises and fun.

The card and the box don't match - not at all.  I made them at different times.  Hmm, actually I have no real excuse for why they look like they should have been given to two separate people.

20 July 2012

Niko's Eight

"I'm not 7 any more" - he proudly told me.

Glossy Accents were used on each letter, giving the raised and shiny appearance.  There was some slight bleeding of the red ink though, giving a slightly messy look to the wording (unintentional).

I had some Sport tape in my collection, from many years ago, which I used across the bottom of the yellow card.

17 July 2012

Autumnal Evenings

Two cheerful photos were taken at the end of Autumn.  This is an obviously late posting, given that we are in the midst of our meeting with the bitter and miserable old man that is winter.

These memories were recorded during the last blush of warm weather, at the end of Autumn.  Whilst I enjoy all seasons and their offerings, and welcome each new one for the changes it brings, Autumn would have to be my favourite of all the seasons.

Delicious autumn!  My very soul is wedded to it, and
if I were a bird I would fly about the earth
seeking the successive autumns.
George Eliot

14 July 2012

Angry Birds

Happy Birthday to a special friend, nearly at the end of his Primary schooling - I'll miss you when you're gone buddy.

11 July 2012

Tom Papier

Tom Papier recently celebrated a small milestone birthday.  Well let's face it, when you're young you eagerly approach each coming birthday with gusto, making the most out of each one them.  You look forward to it; to catching up in age with your classmates, to getting your Learner's Licence and of course, the anticipation of receiving a much longed-for gift.  It's only when you imagine yourself getting old, that you refuse to acknowledge the inevitable part of the ageing process.

I saw this idea here on Word Art Studio.  Taking everyday objects and recreating them into alphabetical letters.  Truly imaginative and unique.

In creating our own personalised version of Word Art, I decided to photograph elements from around the home, and of course ones that are meaningful to Tom Papier himself.  This is a giant flagpole that is in our front garden and is quite a talking point amongst the neighbours.  I have yet to fly the Jolly Roger or Rachel from it.

He just loves his sport, so of course, a ball was mandatory.


And of course, that includes the curious game of cricket.  A sport whose rules completely mystify me; but, given that I don't understand anything about the gladiatorial pursuits of basketball or football, it was inevitable that I similarly be clueless on the subtle tactics and elements associated with this "sport".

My own version of Word Art now hangs proudly on his bedroom wall.  Happy Birthday Buddy.

08 July 2012

A Hug and A Kiss . . .

. . . to say "thanks" Michelle -  for thinking of me.

This notion of layering up numerous elements has been around for many years, but I have only just gained the confidence to tackle it.  Well, do you think I have done it justice?

Here are some of my elements.

The base card.  A white A5 card folded in half.
Then a small ink pad (espresso) was dragged across it.

A newspaper print out and more espresso ink.
Stitch on some peacock feather paper and dotty ribbon.
Distress all edges of both these papers with an Edge Distresser.

Ink up a "thanks" stamp and place it onto the bottom left hand corner.

Run some torn paper through a corrugating machine.
Cut some pinkish webbing about the same size.
Cut out three flowers, scrunch, ink and layer up.
Cut out two hearts and distress.
Thread up a coordinating button with kitchen twine.

It is now ready to pass on to my thoughtful friend. xx

05 July 2012

Penguin Birthday

I don't think I'll ever get tired of using my new Owl Punch from Stampin' Up. When the ears are surgically removed, it morphs into a penguin!!

Whenever I'm stuck for inspiration, I go to Pinterest for ideas on projects. However, I am hopelessly addicted now (insert sad face).