16 June 2012

Signature Block

I have just learned how to add a signature block to my blog.  Don't you just love adding blingee things to your blog?  Oh.  Well, I do. It's all part of my "more is more" philosophy.

I travelled over to this website here to get the information I needed.  In the end I chose Font 44 (the hearts and all), in size 3, with colour #cc0000 (the red - to match my blog) and the light blue background, also to match my blog, is: #cbe5ff.

This is basically a test post just so that I can have a look-see at what I made, and also a record of what options I chose. I don't really expect you are all that interested in what fonts and colours I used.

Next goal, working out how to add the cherries to the signature block. Stay posted . . .

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