22 June 2012

Embellishing Presents

In a recent fit of decluttering mania, I threw out (read gave away) my entire collection of curling ribbon.

Hmmm, then I discovered that I had a little spare time, when it came to gift wrapping, to devote to the pursuit of making "happy presents".  Enter my friends at Pinterest and their plethora of ways to attend to all things crafty.

Use the same wrapping paper to make
a bow for the present.  Genius I say.

I am not going to reinvent the wheel and write out an explanation of how this was achieved, so I suggest that you have a look at this beautifully explained post to find out the recipe for this papier bow.  It's well photographed and easy to follow, clearly as I was able to reproduce the bow without any problems. 

In fact, I think it actually looks better than the ones made from curling ribbon.

What do you think?

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