13 June 2012

A Bunch of Socks

We are showering an expectant work colleague with baby presents over the next couple of weeks - sort of in the secretive KK style of which she is an enthusiastic devotee.

The card has been made quite simply by layering up two shades of blue card onto a piece of dark blue, gingham ribbon.  A cricketball stamp has been repeatedly stamped onto white card forming the background layer.

My friend, the elephant, has a cut-out ear which threads through his body, forming a 3D image; this was cut out on my Bosskut Gazelle die cutter.

Now for the bunch of sock flowers.
Take a sock and fold in half lengthways.
Then roll into a tight coil - use a pin to hold the shape.
The folded edge will be the one on show.

Twist a length of florist wire around the base.
Remove the pin.

Add a square piece of non-woven florist papier to the base,
threading the florist wire through the centre.
Scrunch the tissue papier around the flower.
Hold in place with a 10cm piece of sticky tape.

Just so you know what a tragic hoarder I am, and this maybe revealing a little bit too much about my questionable habits, but I saved the non-woven papier from bunches of flowers that have been given to me over the past couple of years.

Gather three flowers together at a time
and twist the stems around each other.
Form four separate mini-bunches in this way.
Join all mini-bunches together with another piece of florist wire.

Tightly wind a 15cm wide strip of non-woven florist papier
around the combined stems.
Use another piece of the papier to support the flowers in the entire bunch.
Faff around for a bit, getting it to sit right.

There are no magic answers
when it comes to raising children
- but there are many magic moments.

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