26 June 2012

Birthday Surprise

Happy Birthday Michelle, my friend and inspiration from Stampin' Up.

You have renewed my love and interest for incorporating stamping onto cards.  Thank you for all that you have taught me so far and also for accommodating my pernickety ways into your workshops.

22 June 2012

Embellishing Presents

In a recent fit of decluttering mania, I threw out (read gave away) my entire collection of curling ribbon.

Hmmm, then I discovered that I had a little spare time, when it came to gift wrapping, to devote to the pursuit of making "happy presents".  Enter my friends at Pinterest and their plethora of ways to attend to all things crafty.

Use the same wrapping paper to make
a bow for the present.  Genius I say.

I am not going to reinvent the wheel and write out an explanation of how this was achieved, so I suggest that you have a look at this beautifully explained post to find out the recipe for this papier bow.  It's well photographed and easy to follow, clearly as I was able to reproduce the bow without any problems. 

In fact, I think it actually looks better than the ones made from curling ribbon.

What do you think?

19 June 2012

Butterflies of Tangerine

More butterflies from a self-confessed addict. Enough said.

"Happiness is like a butterfly which, when pursued, is always beyond our grasp, but, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you."   - Nathaniel Hawthorne

16 June 2012

Signature Block

I have just learned how to add a signature block to my blog.  Don't you just love adding blingee things to your blog?  Oh.  Well, I do. It's all part of my "more is more" philosophy.

I travelled over to this website here to get the information I needed.  In the end I chose Font 44 (the hearts and all), in size 3, with colour #cc0000 (the red - to match my blog) and the light blue background, also to match my blog, is: #cbe5ff.

This is basically a test post just so that I can have a look-see at what I made, and also a record of what options I chose. I don't really expect you are all that interested in what fonts and colours I used.

Next goal, working out how to add the cherries to the signature block. Stay posted . . .

13 June 2012

A Bunch of Socks

We are showering an expectant work colleague with baby presents over the next couple of weeks - sort of in the secretive KK style of which she is an enthusiastic devotee.

The card has been made quite simply by layering up two shades of blue card onto a piece of dark blue, gingham ribbon.  A cricketball stamp has been repeatedly stamped onto white card forming the background layer.

My friend, the elephant, has a cut-out ear which threads through his body, forming a 3D image; this was cut out on my Bosskut Gazelle die cutter.

Now for the bunch of sock flowers.
Take a sock and fold in half lengthways.
Then roll into a tight coil - use a pin to hold the shape.
The folded edge will be the one on show.

Twist a length of florist wire around the base.
Remove the pin.

Add a square piece of non-woven florist papier to the base,
threading the florist wire through the centre.
Scrunch the tissue papier around the flower.
Hold in place with a 10cm piece of sticky tape.

Just so you know what a tragic hoarder I am, and this maybe revealing a little bit too much about my questionable habits, but I saved the non-woven papier from bunches of flowers that have been given to me over the past couple of years.

Gather three flowers together at a time
and twist the stems around each other.
Form four separate mini-bunches in this way.
Join all mini-bunches together with another piece of florist wire.

Tightly wind a 15cm wide strip of non-woven florist papier
around the combined stems.
Use another piece of the papier to support the flowers in the entire bunch.
Faff around for a bit, getting it to sit right.

There are no magic answers
when it comes to raising children
- but there are many magic moments.

12 June 2012


I just love that name even though I am a devotee of the metric system; but there is no appropriate diminutive form for centimetres (centies - it just doesn't have the same effect, does it?).  I can't remember where I first saw this notion, but to me it suggests gathering up the scraps of papiery pastry and rerolling them into something new.

look carefully
you can see that the lone cream square is actually embossed

You would have gathered by now that I am a fan of the brighter coloured palette.  Like some iridescent slushie, the colour combination of pink and orange is one that I love, and it would seem, that I am not alone.

Do you have a favourite colour combination?

09 June 2012

Triple-Choc Cheesecake . . .

. . .  with salted peanut caramel.  This tasted every bit as delicious as it looks and those who indulged alongside me, chocolate marathoners of old, said it tasted like a Snickers Bar.

The biscuit base was made from crushed Chocolate Ripple biscuits and melted butter, pressed into a 22cm springform cake pan.

The magic layer (as I like to refer to it) was the salted peanut caramel one.  Oh wow, this was ambrosial, delectable and divine all at the same time.  A trinity of pleasure.

Sitting atop the caramel layer was a very fine layer of chocolate - we were watching our calorie intake after all!

Layer number 4 (are you counting?) was a thick and juicy one of White Chocolate Cheesecake. Most probably added to temper the overall effect of all-consuming chocolate.  It was fighting a losing battle, but points for bravery I say.

Two more layers to go (phew).  Chocolate Ganache and then a final crowning of halved Ferrero Rocher chocolate truffles.  The original recipe was topped with Italian Meringue peaks genuinely giving the appearance of a crown.  It looked absolutely stunning.

This was taken from the April 2012 copy of the Australian Good Taste Magazine.  If you click the link I've just added, you'll see this cake on the front cover.  My version was cut by a human (mainly myself).  Their cake was obviously cut by a stylist who had the benefit of being able to photoshop the resulting smear from the image.

I just grow cold when I think of my layer cake.
Oh, Diana, what if it shouldn't be good!
I dreamed last night that I was chased all around by a fearful goblin with a big layer cake for a head!
- Anne Shirley, Anne of Green Gables

06 June 2012

Stampin' Up Afternoon

On a recent Sunday afternoon I spent my time with new friends learning some new techniques and refreshing some old tried and true ones.  These are the cards we made.

One of the methods I learnt was called the Faux Floor Polish Technique.  The above images of the pear and writing were stamped onto the reverse side of acetate.  The pear and outside edges were then coloured in using equal parts of ink and Glossy Accents.  The acetate was then placed aside for about 20 minutes to dry.

The Rosette on this card was made using a new product/tool to me from Stampin' Up called Simply Scored.  An amazing device which has scoring lines every 1/8 of an inch.  Much more user friendly than other products on the market.  Aaaaand for those of us who live in the today, there is a metric insert available.

The workshop was hosted by Michelle, you need to have a look at the wonderful things she makes here on her blog.

"Ask not what fun does for you, but what you do for fun.".

03 June 2012

Chocolate Mint Cream

A little bit of embossing, a strip of coordinating paper, some flower punching and a large dollop of Glossy Accent placed in the centre.

Some irregular tearing, another flower (triple layers this time), a paper ribbon and three cobalt blue buttons.

There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.
- Charles Dickens -