19 May 2012

Baby Boy Shower

I can still remember when my daughter (first born) was first placed into my arms.  New life is to be treasured every day because we are, all of us, a miracle of nature.

a gift for a fellow colleague
and her newborn miracle

a card made using the "inchies" technique

lollipops made using face washers

This idea I first saw on the Pinterest website and if you look here, you will see the wonderful lady from whom I received my inspiration.  Thank you Stephanie.

If you look to the right, you will see stuck into the yellow facewasher, a yellow dressmaker pin.  This is what I used to hold my facewashers in the lollipop shape.  Sometimes I used two.

Stephanie used baby spoons for her lollipop sticks - really clever.  I however, used lollipop sticks which I purchased from The General Trader.  These were held in place with a little sticky tape.

To hide the tape, I then cut out these scalloped circles, which I adhered to the back using a similarly small amount of double sided tape.

Sometimes you think you can barely take care of yourself, and yet here you are holding your new baby.  Someone up there must believe in you.

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  1. Ooh Barb. Think I'll have another child just so I can receive some. Trudi