28 May 2012

Little Bear: Hop Frog Pond

When Sally and Tom Cakes were little (pre-school years) we would faithfully watch an animated program called Little Bear.  Even now, if I hear the introductory music, I am flown back to a time where life was simpler and quite possibly more fun.

to me, this is where Little Bear lives

One particular favourite episode (of mine) was called Hop Frog Pond. In this episode it was friend Emily's last day of her school holidays, so they decided to spend the afternoon playing with the perennially cheeky otters; sliding down a muddy bank into the waiting pond below.

Everyone wants a childhood memory like that don't they?


Do you have a childhood memory that is full of fun and friends?

24 May 2012

Cup Cake Stand

A cheerful addition to the Gazelle suite of files courtesy of Papier and Cakes.  The cake stand has been assembled using three separate pieces and because the accompanying Funtime Software can resize any project, the stand can have as many layers as the heart desires!!

I never met a cupcake I didn't like . . .

19 May 2012

Baby Boy Shower

I can still remember when my daughter (first born) was first placed into my arms.  New life is to be treasured every day because we are, all of us, a miracle of nature.

a gift for a fellow colleague
and her newborn miracle

a card made using the "inchies" technique

lollipops made using face washers

This idea I first saw on the Pinterest website and if you look here, you will see the wonderful lady from whom I received my inspiration.  Thank you Stephanie.

If you look to the right, you will see stuck into the yellow facewasher, a yellow dressmaker pin.  This is what I used to hold my facewashers in the lollipop shape.  Sometimes I used two.

Stephanie used baby spoons for her lollipop sticks - really clever.  I however, used lollipop sticks which I purchased from The General Trader.  These were held in place with a little sticky tape.

To hide the tape, I then cut out these scalloped circles, which I adhered to the back using a similarly small amount of double sided tape.

Sometimes you think you can barely take care of yourself, and yet here you are holding your new baby.  Someone up there must believe in you.

16 May 2012

Silly String Soap

The latest creation in the Papier and Cakes household has been dubbed "Silly String" Soap by Tom Papier.  This is due to its obvious elastic properties when trying to pump it out of the dispenser; it would seem that I need to refine my recipe?

soap dispenser courtesy of Bed Bath 'n' Table

If you click here or on the Pinterest link here on the blog, you will see on my Sparkle Larkle Board a link for making your own Homemade Liquid Handsoap.  This is the recipe that I used for my experiment.  I also added a few drops of essential oil to my final product.

Whilst it wasn't hard at all to make the soap, the quantities were vague in hindsight.  "Grate one bar of soap and add 2 cups of water, cook until dissolved and place in jars until cool."  When you think about it, a "bar" can come in many sizes.  I ended up adding another 2 cups of water.  Now I don't know if I added too much or not enough!!  Never mind, it still works and it made over 1 litre of soap, brilliant value from just one bar of soap.  Needless to say I won't be making more for a while yet.
Thursday, 10 April, 2013
As a postscript to this post, I thought
you should know that I have removed this recipe from my Pinterest board as it really didn't impress me.  The economics, yes definitely.  But the final product, alas "no".  I did try another technique that used Glycerine as extra ingredient but my reaction to this was simarlarly lukewarm.

Do you have a more specific recipe?

05 May 2012

Mirror Mirror . . .

. . . on the wall - who's the tallest pyramid of all?

I have been wanting to perfect this for sometime.

Whilst I am happy that I have finally been able to create a pattern for this on the Bosskut Gazelle die cutter, in my mind I still have a way to go, because the braces do not hold the pyramid 'closed' to my satisfaction - you can still see all the gaps.  I am thinking that I will add eyelets to the corners of the braces and then attach some bling to the eyelets.  This may give it some weight and hold it closed for me?

I don't suppose you have any suggestions?