27 April 2012

Frugal Finds

Lately a visit from my sister is not complete without an excursion to the local "Recycled Boutique".  Okay, okay, I'll say it, "the OpShop".  Recently I bought this wonderful jug, just look at that handle, one arm elegantly akimbo.

gorgeous peonies

This particular porcelain jug has a chip near the spout, so whilst it will never be used to hold drinking liquids, it makes for a beautiful vase.

I do love white jugs and I have to restrain myself whenever I see them in homeware stores.  Here's one you will find at a shop called Lilies on Brougham.  A tastefully eclectic shop that blends tearooms with giftware, clothing and nursery items.

Although I could always start another collection.

25 April 2012

Large Lepidoptera

I have made so many cards lately where butterflies are the central theme, that I am running out of clever titles for their blogs.  Life's tough.

here I have stamped, repeatedly, butterflies
onto the background card

here I have shaded the background
card with some ink

not so sure about this beauty
This is the last of the supply of butterflies that I recently cut out for my canvas art that is currently hanging in the guest room.

Our Guestroom goes by many names.
These are usually dependent upon the name of the most recent inhabitant.

22 April 2012

Slumbering Lepidoptera

Did you ever wonder where butterflies go to sleep at night?

Well it's my theory that they sleep inside used egg shells.  Just like we imagine (and some of us can even claim to know) that fairies sleep beneath the furry toadstools (Amanita muscaria) that we prefer to call mushrooms, I like to imagine that butterflies stay safe inside shells that are no longer required by their original incumbents.

I had so much fun cutting open these eggs using a pair of craft scissors called Rockies, so called I suppose for their varying zig-zag heights.

Do you have any creative fairy theories that you would like to share?

20 April 2012

"A Dozen Eggs, Thanks"

The final batch of Easter cards.  Some of them will be put aside for next year.  What can I say, I was on a roll?

too much ribbon?

thank you Bepi for the eggs

My father-in-law is a champion wood turner.  You can see on the right of this photo part of a "batch" or is that "clutch" (what is the collective noun for wooden eggs?) of turned eggs he made for me a few years ago.  They are just so unique and I feel very fortunate owning a set.

And yes, for the more astute of you readers, that actually totals 15 eggs!

15 April 2012

Easter Crackers

A small thank you to the special ladies that I work alongside on a day-to-day basis.

the recurring theme of black and white

I hope that you had a wonderful time this Easter with your families.

I am looking forward to another busy term together it looks like it is going to be full of fun and perhaps a little bit of madness.

Do you have any suggestions for next year's gifts?

14 April 2012

Easter Bunny Pyramid

This cute liitle fellow is hiding a secret.

Undo the ribbon and out will tumble a tower of Ferrero Rocher chocolates.  I have taken my inspiration from the Pinterest site using a square-based pyramid as the starting point for Bunny Boy.  The ears, face, mouth, nose etc, were all cut out using the Bosskut Gazelle die cutter.

Scattered around his base are more of my decoupage eggs made many years ago.  The dark blue ones to the left of the screen depict an underwater scene of fish and bubbles.  The yellow one is of dancing Victorian pigs (yes you read right).  The pink egg to the very right was stippled with paint and glitter and the pink egg in the foreground is covered in Forever Friends teddy bears bearing pink roses.

Do you decorate your home for Easter?

11 April 2012

Seeing Things in Black and White

Another card in the black and white theme.

This card has not been made with anyone in particular in mind, I was just in the black and white frame of mind.

Perhaps I should keep it for someone musical?

09 April 2012

Black and White Ministrations

As Sally Cakes approaches the age of 18, many of her friends are also turning the age of the "coming" and so the birthday party invitations are many - but manageable.  This is a card that I have made for the latest birthday girl using the theme of black and white. 

Recently it was Jess' turn.  A small gathering at her home and then off to a place for the 18 year olds and over.  Sadly Sally Cakes must wait 40 days (and nights) until it is her turn.

Oh how our babies grow up so fast!

06 April 2012

Oh Osterbaum

In the great tradition of decorating festive trees to celebrate an occasion, we have dusted off the "painted tree" in readiness for the Easter weekend.

Most of the decorations were purchased last year and some of them were made many years ago at my weekly craft sessions.  Aahhhh, the decoupage eggs, dipped over 15 times in Estapol, giving a high-gloss resin finish.
hot air balloons

Even though Sally and Tom Cakes are of an age where believing is seeing, the Egg Hunt on Sunday morning is still a must.  We then spend the remainder of the year, finding undiscovered eggs - skill does not necessarily come with age.

Before you leave, have a look at how the Germans decorate their Osterbaumen.  Complete with cut out chooks and rabbits.

Do you have any Easter traditions?

03 April 2012

Thank You

Thanks so much Marguerite.

You are a gem.

I do like the butterfly on this card.  This stamp has been in my collection for many years and I still love to use it.

What's your favourite stamp?