19 March 2012

Pyramid of Pillows

Am I organised?  "No!" comes the collective reply (from the Papier and Cakes household).  But I try so hard to give the illusion that I am very prepared and in control.
a stack of "Thirty" pillow boxes

Last Christmas I was really caught out.  I spent the night before the last day of work, working late - until 1.00am - wrapping, cooking and preparing presents.  Lucky for me my job does not entail a great deal of concentration so that I can "chill" on those days when I don't run on all cylinders.
some of the favours going into the pillow boxes
I will wrap them in tissue paper first

This year I will be hosting Christmas Day, for my family (30 in all - count them - 30!!).
templates cut out using
giant sizzix machine
at Scrappy Hollow

On previous Christmas Eve occasions I have hosted Mr Cakes' family.  The total members combined only add up to 11, a much more manageable number.

So I'm getting in early.  Am I a freak?  You bet!!

held together with double-sided
tape - very easy to assemble

This year I have taken out a membership at Scrappy Hollow which gives me free use of their in-store Sizzix Die Cutting Machines and of course any dies that they have available.  Thank you ladies.

These pillows were cut out of a complete A4 card and so were cut out on the Big Shot Pro Machine.

all the boxes will be wrapped in the same paper
I cut wrapping paper into rectangles, roughly measuring 25 x 10 cm, to use as a sash across the centre of the boxes.  I then folded down and trimmed each piece so that it measured exactly 23 x 6 cm.

I added double-sided tape to one short end on the underside
 I stuck down the paper just past the centre of the front side of the box
to allow for some overlap when the other end was stuck down
The other end, overlapping slightly, was stuck down using
common sticky tape
mission accomplished
Now that the grunt work is completed, the fun begins, embellishing each one.  This is where they will take on a personality of their very own.  Overall there will be a similarity, so that they all look related to each other, but not identical.

I've placed photos of the individual boxes down the side of my blog.

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