24 March 2012

If You Build It - He Will Come

. . . and if you say it, it will happen.

The very same day, yes the very same day I wrote the previous post (Butterflies Flutter By), I received in the mail a beautiful card from a beautiful lady.  She had been perusing my blog (at my beseeching) and then sent me a card (we both of us still love the real stuff) telling me how much she enjoyed reading it.

Have a look at the card!!

Yes, that's right - a dragonfly.

Thank you Kym for your kind thoughts and words aaaaaaand for reading my blog.

Miss Papier xxx

the return card
As I mentioned, we both love "real stuff" and so I have sent back to her via snail mail - as if we could ever imagine life without it - the above card.  You can't tell from my fledgling photographic skills, but the dragonflies have been coated with Glossy Accent.  This adds dimension and (obviously) gloss to the final impression - taking away the papier finish (oh - did I say that?) and transforming it into a ceramic/glass/shiny appearance.

Clouds of insects danced and buzzed in the golden autumn light, and the air was full of the piping of the song-birds.  Long glinting dragonflies shot across the path, or hung tremulous with gauzy wings and gleaming bodies.
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - The White Company

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