23 February 2012

Valentines' Day

Hello, my name is Papier and Cakes and I am a commercial junkie.

Say what you like about Valentines' Day, Easter, Christmas Day and all those other festivities being commercialised to obliteration; when you get a bunch of flowers that look like this you're going to take them!!

Pardon the Shabby Chic-ness of my home.
It's quite unintentional.

After nearly 21 years I still can pretty much guarantee that I will receive something that looks like this on the 14th of February from Mr Cakes.

I feel loved everyday (almost) anyway, this is just the icing on the cake.

Mr Cakes doesn't realise the depth of my love for lady bugs.
That was just a fluke - made by the florist.

Lucky lucky me.

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